Contest Results

2009 Winner of World Heli Challenge in NZ

2008 TTR world ranking 5th overall

2008 Oneil Evolution-1st

2007 Australian Open-1st

2006 US Olympic Team- 1st broken bone during Olympic finals!

2006 Grand Prix- 2nd place and two 4th places.

2006 Nissan X-Trail – 3rd place

2006 ONeil SB Jam- 1st best trick in halfpipe, 1st in Highest Air in halfpipe

2005 X Games- 2nd place

2005 Arctic Challenge- 2nd place in Quarterpipe, 1st place highest air, 1st place best trick

2005 Vans Cup- 2nd pl

2005 European Open – 1st place

2005 O’Neill- 3rd half pipe, 1st overall

2005 Ticket to Ride tour- 1st overall

2001, 02, 03, 04 I still need to dig up the archives

1999 Junior World Champ boardercross New Sponsors include Swatch. This is the year I turned Pro

1998 USASA National Champ Overall Frestyle New Sponsors include Spy, Northwave, Drake

1997 USASA national Champ Overall I also pick up my first two sponsors Palmer and Swag