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DL bliss on the west shore

A few photos out of 250 that I posted on my Facebook page ( )

This is the Finch family paddling around Lake Tahoe, all 72 miles in exactly 72 hours. Amber wrote a story, I took the photos mostly with a GoPro and Standup Journal published it in their newest spring issue release just a couple weeks ago.


What a fun day to Float with Jordan Diero and Ryan Egan. A lot of hype behind todays flood, but honestly I have floated it a couple feet higher. Don't believe the hype, but probably one of the most fun water levels I have floated the Truckee River. The reason I am not in my tube, is because I really enjoy floating the river on my 20 year old faded hot pink boogie board. I have a ton of experience around water and don't suggest this for anyone. Never underestimate the power of water!

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The Finch family embarked on a waters edge trip around the lake which comes out to 72 miles total. Our goal was to finish in 72 hours. We finished in 71 hours 59 minutes and 30 seconds. Never thought we would cut it that close, but the winds reeked havick more than we expected. Awesome way to experience Tahoe in a new way and see things you normally would never see of Tahoe. Amber was a trooper and Indy learned to relax and enjoy the ride and I tried to take as much in as possible. Enjoy the vid.


The time has come, The Amazing Race Ford Mustang GT Customized by Andy Finch still available!

just contact me under the contact tab for questions or how to purchase.


Going on a mission trip takes a little planning and a lot of Gods working, but I still did not foresee a lot of the things I experienced. I asked for support to pray for the people of Croatia, pray for the mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and pray for me. Pastor Wayne shared with me that we cannot truly love on others unless we are first filled with the love of Jesus. What does that look like?

It has been too long since I have posted anything I know and one of these days I will finish this website. But, I do feel there is other things that are a priority, like this trip to Croatia. Making the trip to Croatia to reach out to the youth. Check out what it's about

Support the cause at this link:

Thank you for your support and prayers!


Always one of my favorite events of the year!


This week has been a busy one with a red eye flight to Maine and a couple last minute changes to make it to the rail jam in time in Maine. Flight was cancelled out of Newark to make things interesting, but what a sunrise over Manhattan! The event was blessed with excess of fresh snow, but the windchill was around 14 degrees making for a cold night. Fun night of being on the night as guest MC and sharing the Gospel. Really impressive event for the parking lot of New Life Church. I told them that the pro events would die for conditions like these.

Newark sunrise

Moving on from there was another short night of rest to meet up with the Woodland Park Church youth group in Winter Park, CO for a weekend Endurance conference. Awesome weekend getting to see the Holy Spirit move through the leaders and the youth. Sometimes I still feel like I am on the Amazing Race with my travel schedule, just trying to get sleep wherever I can. Love IT!

Woodland Park Communtiy Church possey

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